Holiday Card FAQs

Q: When should I order? Is there a deadline?
A: The short answer is - as soon as possible. I'm letting my deadline for when I close orders remain fluid, based on the volume of orders and my mental capacity as we get closer to the holidays. The deadline is loosely set for DECEMBER 1st. Please know if you wait until December 1st to order, longer turnaround times may be expected. 

Q: Do you print the cards yourself?
A: All the cards are designed by me, but I work with a professional printing company and do all my printing out of house. They do an amazing job and it guarantees that the final product is very high quality. 

Q: Do you offer digital versions of your cards?
A: At this time I am only offering professionally printed versions of my cards. This allows me to ensure they are the highest quality. 

Q: Which paper choice is better for holiday cards?
A: Honestly I think they are all great options, it is more about personal preference for what you like. Smooth, Linen, and Felt are all the same weight (110 LB) and a great pick. The linen will provide a little texture that you can visibly see, and the felt is more visible texture and almost feels cotton-like. The eggshell paper (eggshell is the texture, not the color, it is still a very nice white) is slightly thicker than the others (120 LB), and provides a touch of texture (though not as visible to the eye as the linen or the felt). Click here to see pictures of the different paper options. 

Q: How many photos can I have on my cards?
A: The front design typically accounts for 1 photo, but I can do multiple on the back. 

Q: Can I add birth announcement info or new address info?
A: Yes! I am happy to add any info to the back of any of the card designs, whether its a birth announcement, new address, or a full paragraph or two about what your fam has been up to this year! 

Q: Can colors be changed?
A: It depends... I am happy to change color to fonts and some background colors (the classically simple script cards could be totally customized color-wise) - any other color changes or design edits would need to be discussed and would require a small design change fee. 

Q: Do I need to use professional photos?
A: No! A photo you've snapped on your phone is just as good, just be sure you are sending the most high-resolution version that you have. When you go to attach it to your email, if it asks what size to send please choose "actual size", "largest size" (or something similar). I can tell if your photo isn't high-enough resolution and will let you know. 

Q: What is the turnaround time on holiday cards?
A: About 1 week from final proof approval for me to have your items printed and in hand ready for you to pick up or be shipped to you. There is an option for rush printing if you want your cards sooner. Please note that the turnaround time does not include shipping time.

Q: What's the deal with rush printing?
A: If you choose rush printing, your order will be ready to ship in 2-3 days instead of 7 days. 

Q: Do the cards come with envelopes?
A: Yes, the holiday cards include blank white, straight-flap envelopes. Euro flap (pointy flap) envelopes are available for an additional charge. 

Q: How much postage do these cards require?
A: Each 5x7 Holiday card is able to be mailed via USPS with 1 postage stamp

Q: Can you print on the envelopes?
A: Yes, I offer both return and recipient address printing. The envelopes will be formatted to coordinate with your card design and a proof will be sent to you before they are sent to print. Return addressing is .25 cents per envelope and recipient addressing is .50 per envelope.

Q: How should we send you our addresses for recipient address printing?
A: You can email me an excel sheet or a google sheet - I just need them in the following format:
Column 1: Recipient Name
Column 2: Street (apt or unit # can go here too)
Column 3: City, State
Column 4: Zip Code
*Just be sure to type them exactly as you would like them printed. I do not spell check addresses. 

Q: I love a design but wish it said "Merry Christmas" instead of "Happy Holidays" - can this be changed?
A: Yes - there are a few minor exceptions but for the most part all the wording on the cards can be changed. Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, Joy to the World - just let us know in the 'additional notes' section what you would like it to say!

Q: Do I need to have my photo ready when I order? 
A: No, if you would like to go ahead and order before you have your photo you are welcome to. If you are going this route, I just prefer that I have your photos before Thanksgiving (after Thanksgiving I prefer you have your photo ready at time of ordering since we are nearing the deadline). 

Q: What if I like a design that is vertical but my photo is horizontal?
A: *most* all designs can be converted - message me if this interests you so I can confirm that it will work in the opposite orientation. Also sometimes you may think your photo is the wrong orientation for a design, but if there is enough space on the sides, sometimes I can make it work - so let's chat if you think this is an issue you will be dealing with. 

Q: If we add a photo or text to the back, will you still be able to see the patterned back?
A: Yes, we format your text and photos so that the background of the back is still visible. 

Q: Why is UPS shipping the only option for Holiday Cards?
A: The past few years have proven how backed up and slow USPS can be during the holidays. Since Holiday Cards are time sensitive, I prefer to ship them all with UPS during such a busy season. They prove guaranteed (and faster) delivery and are much easier to work with in the (very rare) event a package goes missing while in transit. Less stress for both of us, I promise!

Q: I'm in Charleston - is there a local pick-up option? 
A: Yes, local pick up is available in Mt. Pleasant. There is an option to choose local-pick up at checkout. 

Q: Do you have sales? Should we wait for Black Friday?
A: No I do not - as a one-woman show I unfortunately just do not have the capacity or bandwidth to accommodate the influx of orders that sales bring in terms of Holiday Cards. As an alternative, I do usually choose a charity or cause each Thanksgiving and will donate a portion of my sales from that time towards them. I may have a BF sale on some non-holiday card items this year depending on stock and my time so stay tuned. **As an additional note, the closer we get to Christmas the more backed up and slower my printer becomes. I recommend ordering early for fastest turn around.